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  • Scalp Booster System
  • Scalp Booster System

Scalp Booster System


Healthy looking hair comes from a healthy scalp. Support fuller-looking hair with this powerful system. It is designed to improve the density, coverage, volume and fullness of the hair so that you experience less hair loss in your hairbrush.

It starts with the Scalp Booster Pre-Wash, with 3% Redensyl.® In clinical tests with this ingredient, 71% of participants saw their hair look and feel thicker after just three months of use.

What makes Redensyl® even more effective is what we paired with it: Antioxidant green tea. A plant-derived ingredient designed to create a warming sensation as part of the formula's delivery system. Plus a blend of salicylic acid (an exfoliant) and citrus extracts that help dissolve sebum and break down the barrier layer on the scalp for more effective distribution.

The Scalp Booster Shampoo strengthens the effect on the hair: The shampoo contains Redensyl®, Niacin and Caffeine and ensures that the hair feels thicker, fuller and denser. Keratin amino acids condition the hair, while green tea and a natural wood extract serve as nourishing antioxidants.

The Scalp Booster Leave-In Conditioner is light and non-greasy and helps to increase the benefits even more. It contains 3% Redensyl® to make hair feel more luscious and full. Salicylic acid, a natural exfoliant, to make your scalp feel healthier. A blend of plant extracts and powerful wheat and rice amino acids to condition hair. Even better, we've encapsulated all the active ingredients in Safflower Oleosomes - an advanced botanical delivery system to keep your hair and scalp looking their best.

Use our Silicone Scalp Massager in small circular motions while shampooing to support a healthy scalp and healthy hair. The ergonomic handle fits comfortably in the hand; the soft cone-shaped silicone ends provide comfort.